Thermal Imaging Inspection

Full survey and report including electrical circuits, MCB’s and relays within distribution boards and control panels


All electrical circuits, MCB’s, PCB's and relays, etc., are potentially subject to heat damage. Thermal imaging can identify potential problems within distribution boards and control panels before they fail, thereby reducing down time due to the premature or unforeseen failure of a device.




Thermal Imaging Elecrical Circuit Testing


Thermal imaging electrical testing allows our clients to properly plan preventative maintenance and ensure operations are not interrupted unnecessarily.


Thermal Imaging Survey


Mainlight can complete a full survey of your site and issue a report on any potential problems that we find. We also can quote to complete any repairs required giving a turnkey solution. Our engineers are experienced, skilled and efficient professionals who operate to a very high standard of workmanship.



For a free consultation on how thermal imaging could help your business, contact us today.



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10 Years Warranty

Our industry-leading, ‘fit and forget’, ten-year warranty on our LED lighting products shows they are built to last and means you can be confident after installation.
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