Carbon Trust Accredited

Mainlight are Carbon Trust Accredited for the supply and installation of energy efficient lighting.


Mainlight are Carbon Trust Accredited for the supply and installation of energy efficient lighting that will help your company become a greener business and save you money. That means we can help facilitate a 15% capital contribution of up to £5,000 towards an ultra efficient LED lighting scheme designed and installed by Mainlight.



The Carbon Trust Green Business Fund offers capital contribution of 15% of the project cost (up to a maximum of £5,000) to small and medium sized businesses who could benefit from financial support when buying energy saving lighting.



How We Can Help Your Business Apply for a Carbon Trust Grant


  • Mainlight will prepare a proposal that:

    • Meets your energy efficient lighting requirements

    • Has a payback of less than 5 years, and

    • Satisfies the conditions for the Carbon Trust grant

  • Mainlight will help you register with the Carbon Trust

  • Once you and Mainlight have agreed on the proposal you wish to take forward, you would apply for a capital contribution through The Carbon Trust website.

  • Mainlight will provide the necessary support documentation for the application, including quotation, invoice and commissioning certificates for you to provide to the Carbon Trust - again, this is something we will be able to help with.

  • The Carbon Trust will review the application and approve the project, usually within ten working days of the submission.

  • After the work has been completed and signed off, the Carbon Trust transfers the funds directly to you.




Mainlight can help you with your application for a capital contribution once we have determined the best specification and project plan for your energy efficient lighting requirements.


The fund is available to all SME’s (companies with fewer than 250 employees) in England, Scotland and Wales, and is available for a limited period on a first come, first served basis. The minimum size of the project must be £2,500 and equipment must be purchased from a properly accredited supplier.


The Carbon Trust contribution is not available for retrospective funding of projects already contracted or installed and is only available when you use an accredited supplier and installer, and follow precisely the procedure laid out by the Carbon Trust for the Green Business Fund.


If you want to reduce your energy bill, reduce your carbon footprint and save money on the capital cost, please contact us now using the form below for a no obligation discussion.


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10 Years Warranty

Our industry-leading, ‘fit and forget’, ten-year warranty on our LED lighting products shows they are built to last and means you can be confident after installation.
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