Lighting Product 10 Year Warranty

Our industry-leading 10-year warranty on LED lighting products exclusive to Mainlight. Get ‘Fit and Forget’ peace of mind with no maintenance required.


Our exclusive industry-leading 10-year warranty on LED lighting products includes ‘Fit and Forget’ peace of mind and zero maintenance products. This means that in the event that the luminaire fails for any reason within 10 years, Mainlight will replace the lamp at no cost to the customer – Mainlight will cover the cost of the product, any access gear and the labour needed to replace the lamp.





Mainlight has priority access to a range of industry-leading lighting products on which we provide a true “fit and forget” 10 year parts and labour warranty. Once the product is installed, you get 10 years of operation with zero maintenance – Guaranteed!

Mainlight are the UK’s only platinum standard authorised distributor of QED LED lighting products. With efficacies 50% or more ahead of the market, these products dramatically reduce energy consumption compared to traditional options, and speed up the return on investment. The agreement between Mainlight and QED means we are able to offer industry leading 10-year 'fit and forget' warranties.



Warranty Period

10 Years – Platinum Cover
On selected QED LED Lighting products installed and used in accordance with QED Lighting guidelines.






10 Years Warranty

Our industry-leading, ‘fit and forget’, ten-year warranty on our LED lighting products shows they are built to last and means you can be confident after installation.
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